Silos and tanks for your cattle farm

Polem has developed various products for the diverse range of feed storage options for cattle farms. 

The Polem Cattle feed silos are intended for the storage of compound feed, individual raw materials, premixes and other dry products. The silos are designed to retain the quality of the stored cattle feed products.

Polem has special Composite storage tanks for wet by-products from the food industry. The storage life of these products is crucial and everything is geared towards retaining quality and nutritional value. Fluctuating product viscosity and aggressiveness was taken into account during the design of these silos.

Polem has also developed dual-purpose silos specifically for cattle farms. These silos are suitable for both the storage of wet by-products as well as dry products.  Of course, these silos have been designed to guarantee the shelf life of the stored products.

The Excellent Feed Silo including Feedcontrol has been specially developed for the storage of compound feed, loose raw materials, single feeds and many other dry products. Thanks to the longer funnel constructed at a specific angle and the larger outflow diameter, the flow behavior of this silo has been greatly improved. The double Feedcontrol discharge auger ensures an even outflow and prevents bridging and segregation.

Feed silos

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Dual-purpose silo

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Wet by-products tanks

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The Excellent Feed silo

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