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Do you want to store solid or liquid food-based bulk products, animal feed, road salt or other powdered or granulate bulk materials and goods in a tank or silo? Then choose a composite solution that offers clear advantages over traditional materials such as concrete, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Because composite has excellent properties, such as:

  • optimal hygiene and excellent outflow properties
  • excellent resistance to corrosion and (aggressive)chemicals
  • very smooth and seamless interior walls, minimising product adhesion
  • high insulation value, so minimal condensation      
  • no bridging
  • suitable for both indoors and outdoors use
  • extremely quick and easy to clean
  • designed for the ‘First-In-First-Out’ principle
  • lighter and many times stronger than steel
  • extremely suitable for the storage of dust explosive products in an ATEX environment
  • very short installation time because composite silos are produced and transported in one piece
  • short ROI thanks to an extremely long life span and minimal on-site costs.

Do you want to know what these advantages mean for you in practice? Then click on one of the market segments in which you are active and immediately see why the industrial sector is choosing Polem’s composite tanks and silos more and more often. Especially when the focus is on sustainability, upscaling and improving your competitive position. Because Polem builds tanks and silos with diameters of up to 9 metres(!) and volumes of up to 1500m³.

Active in many markets


For almost 50 years, Polem has been a trusted point of contact for food producers. The reason for this is simple. Food producers want to store their solid or liquid raw materials as safely and as hygienically as possible in order to guarantee process continuity and prevent product liability. And Polem has the perfect solution for this: silos and tanks manufactured from composite.

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For almost 50 years, Polem has been manufacturing composite silos and storage tanks that are delivered to you as a reliable turn-key total solution. During this process, maximum hygiene, competent project management and a competitive price-quality ratio are important basic principles for Polem.

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Road salt

Polem offers you a special range of composite products for ice clearing. They include silos, mobile silos, tanks and salt dissolvers, which are delivered to you as a reliable total turn-key solution.

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In the agricultural sector, Polem is has been Europe’s market leader in the bulk storage of cattle feed and chemical fertiliser for many years. This is because Polem manufactures a wide range of high-quality feed silos, chemical fertiliser silos and liquid feed tanks using fibre-glass reinforced plastic. Thanks to its proven quality, this corrosion-free, near-indestructible material guarantees a long life span.

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Paper & Pulp

For almost 50 years, Polem has been a reliable point of contact for system integrators and end customers in the paper & pulp industry. This market is characterised by a broad-based competitive field with a global character. Process continuity and safety are therefore important points of focus that carry considerable weight when choosing the right silo or tank. And Polem has the perfect solution for this: composite.

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Renewable Energy

On the test point of 1 January 2020, Renewable Energy was already contributing 21.3% to worldwide energy consumption. This market is in flux and Polem is developing with it. Based on almost 50 years years of experience with composite silos and tanks, Polem has a huge advantage in terms of its technical knowledge.

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