On the test point of 1 January 2020, Renewable Energy was already contributing 21.3% to worldwide energy consumption. This market is in flux and Polem is developing with it. Based on almost 50 years years of experience with composite silos and tanks, Polem has a huge advantage in terms of its technical knowledge. For example, do you want to store co-products, glycerine, biodiesel and biomethanol in tanks or biomass, wood pellets and starch in silos? Polem has already developed the proven technology. Polem also has various partnerships with universities and composite knowledge centres for the use of composite as a fully circular raw material in the production of new materials. As already mentioned, Polem is developing all the time.

Do you have any questions or specific wishes? Involve your Polem specialist in your project at an early stage. During the total project implementation, you will be professionally supported by experienced project managers that use customer-specific 3D drawings to help you to flawlessly achieve your desired end result.

Sjouke Miedema



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