Professional inspections, service and repairs

After installing a silo or tank, Polem continues to be your point of contact for service, maintenance and advice.

The well-trained Polem technicians are specialised in performing professional inspections and repairs. Added to that, we have a large, permanently available stock of spare parts, which means you can be back in operation in no time.

Polem also has special measurement equipment to measure the wall thicknesses of silos. Based on the measured values, we can immediately recommend the best option for you: repair or replacement.

Suppose you have a damaged silo or tank. In many cases, it can be repaired quickly and effectively. However, the lamination of fibre-glass reinforced plastic/composite is a complex job and should be performed by a professional technician. Your Polem technician or adviser would be happy to help you.

If you have any service requests or if you wish to order parts, please contact the Aftersales department: your contact person speaks Dutch, English and German.

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Contact persons: Marcel de Jong and Wilma Koster

Marcel de Jong

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