50 Years of farming experience

In the agricultural sector, Polem is has been Europe’s market leader in the bulk storage of cattle feed and chemical fertiliser for many years. This is because Polem manufactures a wide range of high-quality feed silos, chemical fertiliser silos and liquid feed tanks using fibre-glass reinforced plastic. Thanks to its proven quality, this corrosion-free, near-indestructible material guarantees a long life span.

With almost 50 years of farm experience, Polem is also the originator of tanks for wet by-products and flushing water (from air washers, for example) for the following sectors:

  • poultry farming (laying & meat poultry and breeding)
  • pig farming (dry and liquid feed)
  • cattle farming (dairy & beef cattle)
  • arable farming, with fertiliser silos.

Properties of the composite silos and tanks:

  • excellent resistance to corrosion

  • very smooth and seamless interior walls, minimising product adhesion
  • high insulation value, so almost no condensate formation       
  • suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • extremely quick and easy to clean
  • designed for the ‘First-In-First-Out’ principle
  • very fast installation time because composite silos are produced from a single piece of material
  • proven suitability since 1972.

Although Polem is happy with the successes it has achieved, it plans to keep adapting its designs to the permanently changing wishes and conditions of the market. And precisely because feed takes up the majority of the production costs in livestock farming, Polem can offer you a specific solution for every animal group and every type of feed storage. After all, the compound and single feeds must retain their quality and composition – regardless of the elements – and in many cases may not be separated.

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