Fertiliser silos

Polem’s fertiliser silos are manufactured from fibre-glass reinforced plastic and were specially developed for the storage of fertilisers in the arable farming sector. The specific spray-wrap process results in a smooth and seamless interior wall that guarantees excellent outflow properties.

Added to that, the Polem chemical fertiliser silos are renowned for their long life span and excellent quality.

Complete standard model

The standard silos, types SG and SB, are available in diameters of 240 and 280 cm with volumes of 10 - 30m3. In addition, every model includes a:

constructed bulk weight of 1100 kg/ m3

Easyflow (for optimal outflow)

top injection

fully galvanised pipe support to max. 16 m3

whitened polyester component against penetration of UV radiation

standard drainage height of 2 metres and a drive-in width of 2.5 metres up to max. 16 m3.


A number of accessories are optionally available, mainly to make it easier to empty and clean the silo. They include:

  • widened and/or raised bridge support in type KM 240 SB up to 30 m3
  • slide control lever on the side or front of the silo
  • plastic drainage tube, angled with diameter of 25 cm, including suspension chain
  • plastic dosator, angled Ø 25 cm; with stainless steel slide Ø 26 cm; shoring, volume approx. 50 litres
  • manganese-reinforced insertion bend
  • all nuts and bolts manufactured from stainless steel rather than thermally galvanised
  • inspection hatch on roof
  • non-standard colour and/or luminous strips possible
  • larger or non-standard sizes available on request.
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