Retention of product quality and nutritional value

Many livestock farmers are looking for storage options that protect the tenability, product quality and nutritional value of their products. So it is important to know Polem produces composite (fibre-glass reinforced plastic) storage tanks specially for the storage of wet by-products in the food industry.

While designing these tanks, Polem paid specific attention to the fluctuating product viscosity and

aggressiveness. In addition, a smooth, seamless interior wall is created during the specialist spray-wrap process. This wall gives you excellent outflow properties and is very easy to clean.

Complete standard model

The wet by-product tanks are constructed for a standard bulk weight of 1,000 kg/ m3

and are available in diameters of 280, 300, 350 or 400 cm, with volumes of 35 - 150m3.


  • DN600 inspection hatch in cylinder with blind flange
  • maximum temperature up to 50°C
  • convex or flat bottom
  • inspection and access door if the tank has a skirt
  • underside tank bottom 75 cm
  • fitted with filling and discharge opening Ø 150mm
  • hot-dip galvanised anchoring consoles
  • plastic venting line
  • ertical structure supported on full-polyester skirt structure

Ready for user-specific options

More and more livestock farmers want to adapt their wet by-product tanks to their individual situation. Popular options include:

  • a choice of agitators (A, B or C)
  • increased bulk weight to 1300 kg/m3
  • temperature resistance up to 75°C
  • centrifugal pump 4 kW
  • displacement pump 10 or 25 m3/hour
  • stainless steel shearing partitions
  • 6” brass gate valve (where necessary, with lever operation)
  • 6” brass gate valve with galvanised bend and 4” VK tanker coupling
  • other sizes.
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