The Excellent Feed silo Even better flow thanks to Feedcontrol

The Excellent Feed Silo including Feedcontrol has been specially developed for the storage of compound feed, loose raw materials, single feeds and many other dry products. Thanks to the longer funnel constructed at a specific angle and the larger outflow diameter, the flow behavior of this silo has been greatly improved. The double Feedcontrol discharge auger ensures an even outflow and prevents bridging and segregation.

This Excellent Feed Silo is constructed for a bulk density of 700 kg / m3 and is available in a diameter of 240, 280, 300 and 350 cm, with a capacity of 15 - 100 m3.


  •  Outlet diameter 930 mm;
  •  Silo cone with top angle 40°
  •  Construction height under outlet 120 cm;
  •  Standard with lifting and guide eyes from 46 m².

Special wishes:

Farmers increasingly have specific wishes to fully adapt the silo to their own individual circumstances. Various accessories are optionally available, such as facilities that simplify the unloading and cleaning of the silo. Some commonly chosen options are:

  •  air-control;
  •  air cleaner;
  •  a bulk density higher than 700 kg / m3;
  •  Manhole in the silo cone;
  •  inspection manhole in the roof;
  •  connection to other feed transport systems;
  •  plastic vent cap on the silo roof for extra ventilation and moist air extraction;
  •  specific coloring;
  •  capacities from 15 to 100 m3.
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