Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

Certifications are part of a good quality policy. Our QHSE Manager ensures that we meet the standards in terms of quality, health, safety and the environment.
In addition to the certifications below, our silos and tanks also meet requirements in the field of hazardous substances, food safety and possible explosion hazard.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask our QHSE manager

ISO 9001

Polem has the ISO 9001 version 2015 certificate.
This is a certification for business operations and quality management. It shows that we control our processes, which guarantees a sustainable company. Sustainable is focused on quality and policy for the future.


Polem has two DVS 1090 certificates related to the steel structures. One certificate is about the right material and construction calculations. The welding certificate concerns certified welding equipment and well-trained and certified welders. With this we meet the Eurpeese 1090 standard. 


The German Institute for Structural Plastics (ISP) indicates that tanks and silos comply with the guidelines for fiberglass reinforced plastic products. Controled on calculations and production methods. 


The TÜV certificate indicates that our tanks are approved to be used in a water protection area and guarantees that there will be no leakage to the bottom.

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