Waste water treatment

All civil and industrial processes produce waste products, unless treated or processed, these are harmful for the environment. Basically, all activities result in sludge without any value and costly to transport. Plants using technologies to deal with all kinds of sludge are in need of storage equipment of high quality and specific requirements.

Polem storage tanks and  silos are perfect for the industrial and municipal waste water market. The treatment technologies involve a wide variation of temperature and chemical components. To ensure the quality of your process, high quality equipment is of  the highest importance. GRP storage products manufactured by Polem have excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures.

Our products can be widely deployed, custom-made and have an excellent price-quality ratio making them especially attractive.

  • GRP water storage tanks
  • GRP salt water storage tanks
  • GRP salt silos
  • Sludge and slurry GRP storage tanks
  • Ferric chloride GRP storage tanks
  • GRP cooling water tanks