Pulp and paper

Having years of knowledge and experience in the paper production industry, Polem meets all process and storage challenges faced by the pulp & paper industry. We offer you the best storage and process equipment. Polem storage tanks and silos are extremely well-suited for products such as starch and slurry, as well as for chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry.  

One of the challenges the pulp and paper industry faces is the stickiness of the products stored. The flow of the products stored can be an issue as the product can stick to the inner side of the vessel. Choosing a Polem storage solution can eliminate this problem. Our GRP storage tanks and GRP silos have a smooth and seamless inner wall, and so are extremely well suited for this industry.

Another aspect of the pulp & paper industry is handling bleaching components, chlorine and other chemical fluids. These have great impact on the equipment used on a plant. Polem silos and tanks are made of Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic materials with  an inner chemical barrier layer (CBL), this ensures excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Compared to other materials, GRP is a long lasting and economical choice.