In the Belgian town of Bree, Siloba has installed composite storage silos at a new bakery.

The 6 Polem silos are placed outside the building and are used for the storage of flour. A large 37-tonne silo for white flour and 5 smaller 7-tonne silos for different types of flour.
All silos are fully equipped with filter, explosion panel, silo weighing and bin activator. The flour is transported via a spiral transport to the weighing bunker in the bakery.

Christophe from Siloba: "In a separate area of ​​the warehouse, a mini dosing station is placed with 12 small silos in stainless steel, where the different flour mixes are dosed into a separate weighing bunker via pneumatic transport. Both weighing bunkers then bring the flour together in a mobile kneading tub. During the adding of the flour, water, liquid yeast and salt are dosed directly into the same kneading tub via the recipe computer. The entire installation was automated with a Siloba PLC bakery software."

Polem silos and tanks made of composite are very suitable for the storage of foodingredients due to the good insulating properties, seamless inner walls and optimal hygiene. Read more about the advantages of composite silos here.

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