Crusta is a company in the Dutch village Urk. The company is specialized in live shellfish, such as King Crabs, Canadian Lobsters, North Sea crab and Oysters.
To keep the animals in optimal conditions, Crusta created the perfect environment: The Crusta Ocean. This is a state-of-the-art salt water auto-refreshing system with a capacity of 500.000 litres, which closely recreates the natural living conditions of the shellfish.
That's were Polem was able to help Crusta: we supplied them two isolated 35m3 tanks, with a diameter of 2,80 m to store fresh seawater. This helps them to keep the Crusta Ocean in perfect condition. The salt seawater will not harm the storagetank, because composite is not sensitive to corrosion. 

After installation of the tanks, the customer replied to us: "The tanks are beautifull and with compliments to the truck driver for his carefull delivery!" 

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