Salt dissolver and brine tanks for the city of Vienna

Dealing with slipperiness on the road is a matter of acting quickly at the right time.
Through our dealer Blumer & Lehmann, Polem supplied 3 composite brine storage tanks and a salt dissolver for ice control in Vienna.
The smaller tank is the salt dissolver that ensures the correct concentration of brine water. The brine water is stored in the three tanks of 2400 mm diamter each and with a capacity of 45 m3 per tank. This way they can start immediately when the roads need it.
The beautiful color orange is at costumers request. We think it is a good choice!

This Austrian winter service works with large wooden silos for the storage of road salt. Wooden silos are mainly used when really large silos are needed (600 m3) In recent years, Polem has also supplied many silos for salt storage for winter services. Composite silos are an excellent choice because of their resistance to corrosion and chemical stress, the high insulation value and no bridging.

Would you like to know more about good and efficient ice control with brine? Please contact our account manager.

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