To quickly load your spreaders, Polem supplies a wide range of standardised road salt silos, including drive-under supports.

These composite silos with volumes of 20 - 250m³ are resistant to the aggressive properties of salt and are available in a number of standard diameters. Thanks to the high insulation value of composite, there is almost no condensation in the silo. This minimises the risk of bridging. In addition, the interior is smooth and seamless, resulting in an optimal product outflow.

For the drive-under supports, you can opt for a number of standardised clearance heights and widths. Or you can opt for a customised solution. This also applies to the optional platforms, cage ladders and transfer and operating platforms. If you require additional options, such as dust filters, volume measurement, weighing systems and screw jacks, Polem can help you achieve the desired end result.

If you cannot install a permanent silo at your location because it is difficult to obtain a permit, Polem can help you with a mobile silo.

Your advantage: 

  • Quickly load and unload road salt

  • Very smooth interior wall for optimal outflow of road salt
  • High insulation value, so almost no condensation
  • Composite is corrosion-resistant
  • Minimal maintenance and very long life span
  • Available in every RAL colour
  • Large storage capacity up to 250m³


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