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Polem can also supply you with excellent standard or customised composite tanks for liquid products such as water, soya sauce, glucose, liquid starch, brine, oils and fats. These tanks can be supplied in both a vertical and a horizontal configuration and are also ideal for storing acids, bases and chlorides.

Composite has good insulating properties so you save on your energy costs. Added to that, the seamless, smooth interior helps prevent attachment to the wall, so you also save on cleaning time and downtime.

As with the silos, Polem also has a wide range of standard diameters and volumes for tanks. However, our clients regularly tell us that a customised solution based on advice is often the better choice. This might include customised options such as leak detection, insulation, heating, connections for agitators, etc.

Feel free to send your question to your Polem specialist. There’s a very good chance that you’ll be happy with our creative answers and solutions.


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