Large road salt silo

, Haarlem, Road salt storage.
For Township Haarlem Polem designed the biggest road salt storage silo in history. The storage capacity of 330 m³ and the 4 x 4 meter drive through construction creates a height of 26 metres. Advantages of storing road salt in a Polem silo are fast truck...

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Road salt Haarlem

Starch silos for food industry

, Kutno, Food & Dairy.
For the production crisps starch is a basic compound. To store the starch Polem designed two 200 m³ silos with 5 meter diameter, and three 80 m³ silos with 3,5 meter diameter. We've shipped the 5 meter diameter silos per boat, easily for Polem because of the direct water connection.

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Fertilizer plant.jpg

Chalk silo for sealant factory

, Oosterhout, Building & Construction.
For one of the worlds market leaders in manufacturing sealants chalk is a component for a lot of products. For storage the chalk Polem supplied four 70 m³ and two 35 m³ GRP silos.  Polem GRP silos have an extremely smooth internal surface, which makes them well suitable for storage chalk.

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Candy stick XXL

, Oosterhout, Food & Dairy.
A candy manufacturer gave the order of producing a 30 meter high GRP sugar storage silo, shaped as a candy stick to Polem. June 24th it was transported to the south of the Netherlands, Oosterhout. The giant stick candy is placed next to the candy factory, alongside the highway.

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Specials Polem (3).jpg

Five 250 m³ tanks for chemical fluids

, Sas van Gent, Chemical processing.
For the production of chemicals for the treatment of drinking, process and waste water, Polem supplied five 250 m³ and two 100 m³ GRP storage tanks. Polem designed, manufactured, shipped and assembled the seven tanks. The tanks are equipped with cage...

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Feralco project

First 8 meter diameter GRP Silos

, Venlo, Feed.
Currently, Polem is producing the biggest GRP tanks ever: twelve tanks with eight meter diameter and a capacity of 840m³. At this moment we produced 6 of the total 12 silo’s, at the end of May this year the assembling will be complete.    Polem is one...

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Transport Clabe storage tanks