Building and construction

For decades, Polem has served the building and construction market with its products. Together with our customers we design the right product to manufacture. Polem can engineer GRP in such a way that it can store materials such as sand, cement, lime or other abrasive minerals. Abrasion makes many storage products reduce their durability, however, we design GRP storage solutions including to include extra hardness of the inner liner. Choosing a Polem storage solution for your bulks products is a long lasting choice.  Polem is continuously searching for new techniques, applications and alternatives to provide this market with durable and long-lasting equipment.

Polem GRP silos are equipped with a special abrasion resistant outlet and can be manufactured in a wide range of diameters. Furthermore, steel substructures can be supplied for an elevated installation or truck drive through requirements.

Polem can offer storage solutions that can be  used in the construction and building industry:

  • GRP sand silo
  • Cement GRP silo
  • Gypsum GRP silo
  • Clay GRP storage tank
  • Minerals GRP silo
  • Lime GRP silo
  • Dolomite GRP silo
  • Slurry storage tank or GRP silo