In the paper & pulp industry, a huge amount of work is performed with polyvinylacetate glue, also called PVA. In addition, aggressive chemicals such as bleach and chlorine are often used. Everybody knows how these liquids affect concrete, aluminium, steel or stainless steel. That is why tanks manufactured from composite are used more and more often to store these types of products. Precisely because process continuity and safety are important points of focus in this industry, the tanks are also manufactured with double walls so that production is not disrupted after a possible leak. An additional advantage is that composite has good insulating properties, so you also save on your energy costs. Last but not least, the seamless, smooth interior helps prevent the product from becoming attached to the wall, so you also save on cleaning time and downtime.

Polem supplies these standard tanks in vertical or horizontal models and volumes of up to 50m³. Needless to say, there are also applications for which larger volumes are desirable. In other markets, Polem develops silos and tanks with volumes of up to 1,500m³ and is therefore excellently qualified to fulfil your specific requirements in a professional and sustainable way. The tanks include optional leak detection, pipes, supports, platforms, cage ladders and transfer platforms and can also cater to other specific requirements.

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