Research and Development

We will keep you informed of current developments!

Polem has a rich history with extensive experience in designing and producing GRP silos and tanks. A fresh wind is blowing through the company and Polem is in full swing, while retaining the knowledge and experience needed to be the international partner for the market when it comes to safe storage.

For example, Polem has an R&D department that is constantly working on new product developments, training courses and process improvements. Polem wants to continue to play a leading role in the market, for example when it comes to the ever-increasing demands placed on food safety.

Polem also wants to be a learning organization. New employees are trained to learn the profession in a separate hall with a specially designed wind moulding machine. Continuous investment is made in training in all kinds of fields within the organization.

The Engineering department - where the silos and tanks are designed - is in full development and will play a more advisory role in the field of silo and tank technology.

Polem employs people who know their business!

For more information about R&D within Polem, please contact Sjouke Bus, Operations Director at Polem

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