Why choose Polem

Building  a GRP storage tank or GRP silo might, at first, seem as a simple job that could be executed by various suppliers. However, we advise you to choose a partner who is experienced in this type of manufacture: Polem. All projects differ, whether it’s  the environment in which  the product is located, the materials that it has to store or process, the temperature, the way or intensity that the products is used and so on. Polem offers you a durable and therefore low cost solution including all of the services and additional accessories involved.

Design of storage products
Designing GRP storage and process equipment  is something to be done by specialists. The design of a silo for instance, requires a calculation of the flow analysis of the stored products and the stickiness. Your supplier must guarantee that the products you store will stay in good condition.

Manufacturing of polyester and GRP production
Manufacturing of GRP needs to be done by specialists having up to date tools and facilities. Choosing the suitable resin and glassfibre is one aspect. Having the proper moulds is another. The winding and laminating processes must be done by qualified, experienced and certified workers.

Standard for high quality
Polem is certified by national and international organisations on its manufacturing process to ensure quality for its customers.

Turnkey supply
Polem offers turnkey supply. Customers of Polem receive a full package of supply, including steel supports and equipment. Besides this, we comprehensively manage  your project, starting from the design phase to commissioning and subsequently through lifetime service.

Full service provider
Not only is Polem a supplier of products, we also manage design & engineering by, for example using CAD drawings. Having decades of experience our team know what questions to ask, which requirements are involved and, depending on your industry or region, know which international specifications and certificates are important. After the manufacturing and installation or assembly of the product, Polem offers a full maintenance programme including repair or replacement.

European Social Fund
For the continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of our employees, Polem closely cooperates with the European Social Fund of the European Union.