The organisation

Polem has become market leader in the production of GRP silos and storage tanks since the early seventies. Over the decades Polem’s growth has outpaced  the market. This is reflected in our optimal production capacity, efficiency and ongoing product development in line with customer demand. Polem’s production facilities consequently incorporate the latest technologies and are equipped with modern equipment and machinery.

Today, Polem is capable of producing tanks and silos with diameters up to 9 meters. This is supplemented by 40 years of experience which is reflected in the experienced employees and true experts at Polem. They can provide you with advice starting in the design phase up to and including the provision of a comprehensive maintenance programme. Polem relieves you from any concern related to the design, engineering, project management, transport, installation and maintenance. Polem serves various industrial markets with its silos and tanks on the basis of its ability to meet customer-specific requirements. Complex or challenging projects that go beyond the norm are those that Polem would be pleased to look after on your behalf.

Polem is part of the Plasticon Composites Group, a world leader in corrosion resistant solutions for wordwide industries.