QA Performance

Our customers have to be able to rely on a Polem product, now and in the future.

Therefore Polem can provide products with the following standards:

  • Ü-Zeichen for supervised production of GRP laminates
  • Schweissnachweis for welding
  • KIWA-certificate for drinking water tanks and for waste water treatment tanks
  • According to the German standard WHG § 19 L (Wasser Haushalts Gesetz) Polem is acknowledged to fabricate and install tanks for hazardous goods.

GRP storage tanks can be manufactured with a double wall and leak detection to protect the environment and meet the required standards.  

GRP silos and GRP storage tanks must be strong and safe. Polem works according to the standards and recommendations which apply such as DIN 1055 for silos, EN 13121, DIN 18820 and DIN 16945/6 for plastics, AD-N1 and Berechnungsempfehlungen of the DIBt or B 4994 for GRP tanks and DIN 6600-serie for Stainless steel. Static calculations are made by specialist external engineering companies. This guarantees reliability and independence. For our complete range of products Polem has German ABZ (Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung).